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British High Commissioner in Accompong Town Acknowledging the Maroons sovereignty!

Jamaican Maroons

Innocent man killed!! Mistaken for suspected abductor of 9 years old Phylisa Prussia!!

The police have identified the man mistakenly killed in St. Thomas as 43 years old Levi Chambers!!  He was mistaken for the alleged kidnapper Davian Bryan, who is still not found and is responsible for the abduction of 9 years old Phylisa Prussia!!

The community looking for man responsible for kidnapping 9 years old Phylisa Prussia!!

#Jamaica #junglejustice

Warning!! Graphic Church killings images!



Clergyman urged his followers to come to the church and not to bring their cells phones!

Church massacre killings and sacrifice in Montego Bay, Jamaica!!

Police holds press conference and brief the public on the massacre

Mother of 9 year old Phylisa Prussia finally gets access to her daughter!!

#PhylisaPrussia #Jamaica #9yearsold

9 year old abducted Phylisa Prussia's dog tracked her down in the woods!!

Tent where 9 year old Phylisa Prussia was held!!

maroons honors their ancestors by burning #ganja

Jamaican Maroons

Police fines citizens in Jamaica for not wearing mask!

Its tradition to "flour" individuals on their birthday in maroon town!!

Happy birthday to True Black who turned 45 this month!!

Scene from the Island of Haiti

Aug 14th 2021

HAITI death from earthquake raises to 1300. US sending a 65 person rescue team from Virginia!!

7.2 earthquake devastated the island of Haiti which now await a new threat in the name of Tropical storm Grace!!

Jamaican rogue police officers infringes on Maroon sovereign territory!!

Reid Media Group international correspondence has confirmed that the men that illegally entered onto Maroon sovereign territory are in fact law enforcement officers.  The question is were these men authorized  by the Jamaican government or were they acting on their own accord?

In the dramatic…

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Sha'Carri Richardson rocks her natural hair!!


Track star Sha'Carri Richardson is not bald under those colourful wigs that she wears on the track!! While you will not see Sha'Carri at the Tokyo Olympics due to a ban after testing positive for marijuana, she is still being backed by Nike as the brand appreciates her honesty and accounta…

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Sangster International Airport in Jamaica has no social distance protocol!!

Many Jamaican citizens take to social media to address their displeased with the new curfew hours!!

Jamaican Police cuts teenager's hair!!

newborn found abandoned

Not a Prank!! Black Man arrested for eating a sandwich on California train platform!!

Transit cop in the Bay Area arrested 31 year old Steve Foster

Jay-Z at the premier for "the harder they come"

#thehardertheycome #netflix

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