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Jamaican rogue police officers infringes on Maroon sovereign territory!!

Reid Media Group international correspondence has confirmed that the men that illegally entered onto Maroon sovereign territory are in fact law enforcement officers.  The question is were these men authorized  by the Jamaican government or were they acting on their own accord?

In the dramatic footage obtained by RMG it is seen clearly where the alleged law enforcement officers had created an hostile and tensed atmosphere after weapons were drawn at the ready.

In defiance of the actions of the intruders the Maroons showed their bravery and fearlessness that they would not back down or retreat on their own land.  The confrontation could have escalated into a volatile and explosive ending with fatality. Fortunately for all, if it were not for the quick actions and smarts of their intervening Chief, who quickly defused the tensed atmosphere with his commanding presence.

A press release statement was issued by Chief Currie outlining the sovereignties of the Maroon people.

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