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Cicely Tyson passed away at 96

Legendary and award-winning  movie star Cicely Tyson has passed away Thursday, this was confirmed by her manager Larry Thompson.  Caused of death was not officially announced, Miss Tyson's career covers over 40 years in which she cemented a path for black actors on Broadway and Hollywood alike. She is especially remembered for her epic role in the miniseries Roots.  She will be missed.

Maga supporters rake havoc on capital hill!!


Congrats: Hot girl Megan thee Stallion make Time 100 influential people

Black owned gas Station in South Florida

Congratulation to mom LaShawn Flowers and her daughter Shanita Vickers as the proud owners of 2 Shell gas stations.
One is located at 2501 North University Drive, Hollywood, Fl 33034.  "we actually purchased two shell gas stations, we were able to negotiate a two for one deal," says LaShawn.

Meghan and Harry urges voters to reject hate speech by voting in the 2020 elections

Coronavirus cause China to take to the bottle!!

With no cure in site and a shortage of mask the people of China have taken matters into their own hands by using household bottles as face masks.

Many cities have been closed down as well as there are limited public transportation, with no changes for the near future. 

The closures were made due to increased fear over the spreading of the virus.


Police tries to arrest black man for eating a sandwich on train platform in California!!

Newborn baby abandon in Pit Toilet...Found Alive!!

Malik Yoba's Interview that did not end well!!

Lisa says Nicole Murphy Came For Her Man Too!!

White woman weaponized the police against an innocent black man


Driver David Ware shoots police killing one and injures another. He was later captured and arrested unharmed

Usain Bolt is About To Become A Daddy!!

The Fastest man in the world is about to be a father for the first time, and could not contain his excitement when he took to Instagram to make the announcement on Thursday the 23rd of January 2020.

Usain's longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett was clearly visible pregnant and cradling her baby bump!!

The couple has been together for more that 4 years, and we are truly happy for them. Congrats when is the wedding??


On Wednesday the second week of 2020 the Sessex broke the news that they were giving up the responsibility of "Seniors Royals" and would instead focus on being financially independent!!

Can't say we were surprised being as how Meghan had complained that she was "not ok" for quite sometime and expressed the need to live not just survive!!

Compounded withHarry's broken relationship with his brother and rigid sister-in-law, as well as the Queen's Christmas speech with no picture of Harry, Meghan AND even Baby Archie was left out!! WOWWW!!
It had become clear that it was an excellent opportunity for the young couple to move away from the royals and the toxic British press who have a negative opinion on everything Sussex.

Hopefully, Meghan and Harry can then be free to live without the confines  and restrictions of cold traditional. 

Great move!! Can't wait to see what happens next!! 

Spice....Black Hypocrisy!!

Dutchess Meghan Emotional Speech

17th century slave trader Edward Colston statue dumped into Bristol Harbor!!

White old man tries to shoot protesters with bow and arrow

if you cant beat them join them... officers take a knee

Soldiers enter the suburbs of Minneapolis firing upon citizens


Phoenix "karen" gets slapped husband says she is mentally sick!!

Soldiers enter the suburbs of Minneapolis firing upon citizens


NYC police cruiser rams into crowd!

Police horse stolen during protest in Chicago!!


White man lies on national TV to reporter!


Martin Luther King explains that Economic power was given to every group except the blacks

General Brown reflects on George floyd's death

Arkansas senator stephanie flowers gets upset about systemic racism


George Floyd is handcuffed and arrested and murdered in broad day light

George pleads "I cant breathe"

Police officer explains white privilege...